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Cat's Mewsings, Fair(e)
Phyllis Patterson

She Changed the World

When it comes right down to it, Phyllis and Ron really did change the world. Happy birthday Phyllis.  To clarify for those not “of the body”, Phyllis and Ron Patterson started what would become the original Renaissance Pleasure...

|Jan 25, 2023


IRS Postpones Implementation of $600 Form 1099-K

"As a result of taxpayer confusion, lack of clear guidance, concerns about the existing backlog, and impact on the upcoming filing season, industry and stakeholders urged the IRS to postpone the implementation of the new reporting...

|Dec 28, 2022

Fair(e), Music

Music is Complicated

Music has always been complicated for me. First I didn’t take it seriously enough, then I took it so seriously I burned out on it for years… twice. So this year I’m playing again, challenging myself in big ways and trying to move past...

|Nov 26, 2022

Music, Theatre & Film
Always... Patty Cline at the Lesher Center

Great Review for Always… Patsy Cline

The band got a picture and a mention! Another great review. "Patsy is backed up by The Bodacious Bobcat Band conducted by Trevor Meseroll (Keyboard), featuring Jay Rosen (Pedal Steel Guitar), Cat Taylor (Fiddle), Eric Price (bass),...

|Sep 23, 2022

Theatre & Film

Save Our Seats

This is, as you can imagine, quite a contentious meeting. I hope that there can be compromise. It would be an expensive restoration to our beloved movie palace, but the soul of the Castro must not be...

|Aug 11, 2022


Apple WWDC Nerd stuff

#Nerd #WWDC Apple has once again gotten me all excited about stuff, especially #StageManager on the iPad. I mean, as if we didn't already know how awesome stage managers...

|Jun 6, 2022

Theatre & Film

Castro Theatre Petition

Please sign this petition to stop them from changing the seating in our lovely, historic movie palace. I think all the fans of the Castro Theatre were concerned this might be the plan. Thanks. From Leah Garchik "Maybe we sat alongside...

|Jan 27, 2022

Theatre & Film

War of the Worlds 70 Anniversary Broadcast

Legion Fantastique’s production of Orson Welle’s “War of the Worlds” at the Castro Theatre, October 29th, 2008, created and directed by Peter Ovestreet. I thought since I was using the marquee picture regarding the changes at the...

|Jan 23, 2022


Venmo, PayPal Tax Rule Change

This was inevitable. While some payment apps sent 1099-K's, others did not. Plus "Prior to this change, app providers only had to send the IRS a Form 1099-K if an individual account had at least 200 business transactions in a year and...

|Nov 10, 2021


All Re-Certified

Passed the QuickBooks desktop re-certification last night, the big QBO Advanced re-certification last week. Happy to be done with cert season before Scaling New...

|Jun 5, 2019


Help For Micro-Businesses, or What Can QBO Do For You?

The good news is that there are lots of other micro-businesses out there, in fact according to Forbes Magazine, almost 1/3 of us are currently self-employed, and by 2020, many predict we will make up half of the workforce. Businesses are taking note of this and offering services specifically tailored to this portion of the economy.

|Aug 8, 2018


QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified!

I passed! After several years of classes, both online and in person, I have spent much of the month of May finally sitting down and working through the QuickBooks Advanced Certification online training and test for QBO. It's quite...

|May 30, 2018


Quick Books

The Ethics of Free Webinars

"Wow, this webinar looks really helpful and it's free!" Well yes, you don't have to actually shell out any money for it, but these days nothing is really free. Be aware that along with the information will come the sales pitch, follow-up...

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Theatre & Film


Cat’s Mewsings

Cosplay Before It Had a Name

In honor of the furor over "Heroes of Cosplay", here are some photos of cosplay decades before it had a name. The ears were putty, the necklace was my Mom's and the dress was an adapted orchestra performance dress. Early Star Trek...

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