Because of all the business travel I’ve been doing lately, I decided to get a new MacBook Pro, but because of Intuits’ statement that any versions of QuickBooks prior to 2011 would not work on OS Lion, I requested Snow Leopard. Of course once I got all my data migrated from my MacMini, I found that I had been sold a laptop with OS Lion.

Just in case Intuit had been being overly cautious, I tried opening files using both QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 and had no problems. I tried printing and again, no problems. I checked online and then called Intuit and it seems that although the official line is that these versions are not supported, they have fixed the OS Lion related issues in QuickBooks 2010, although the fellow I spoke with did not know about 2009.

That being said, QuickBooks 2011 has a lot of new features and fixes, especially compared to 2009 and I think it would be wise to upgrade, especially if upgrading to OS Lion.  Since QB 2012 will be coming out very soon (probably the end of September) I asked if customers who bought 2011 now would be given a free upgrade to 2012. I was told, yes they would. Just to verify, I asked again today and was told yes they would.

So, there you have it. My new MacBook Pro is running fine with OS Lion (I have no knowledge about how older computers might do when upgrading) and spent this afternoon working on a client file using QuickBooks 2009. There may be issues that I have yet to run into, but so far, so good.