Will QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 be supported on Lion? — Little Square – Intuit QuickBooks for Mac.

“One of the great things about working at Intuit is we’re a publicly traded company. But sometimes, it’s also one of the drawbacks. And unfortunately, going back and making changes to previously released versions of our software is one of those areas where our hands are tied. Because of that, while we continue to test QuickBooks 2011 for Mac, we wanted you to know we are unable to support QuickBooks 2010 or 2009 for Mac on Lion. We will continue to support QuickBooks 2010 and 2009 on Snow Leopard.”

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There are evidently quite a number of applications that so far will not work with Lion, so make sure and check to see if your favorites are supported before installing. This includes all PowerPC programs, which OS Lion will not support. Here are just a few that are not going to work according to Rob Calvert:

* Quicken Mac 2007 and earlier (look at iBank as a possible
> replacement)
* QuickBooks 2010 and earlier
* Microsoft Office 2004
* Now Contact & UpToDate
* Some elements of Adobe CS4 and earlier
* Acrobat 9
* Many plugins for After Effects
* Many older Plugins for Scanners
* Older legacy printers
* FileMaker 10 and earlier

Here’s his article from July 14th, at that point even Microsoft Office was having problems.